Our Natives Party 4th of February 2018

We would like to say thank you for the life you gave to us and express our sorrow for the tragedy that you have experienced in your lifetime through no fault of your own and your continual upset at the lesser life you live here.  Some of you are pushed to your boundaries daily to survive life in exile.  At your age, you should have been each other’s company with like-minded people, having good conversations with your loved ones, like back home. Unfortunately, life has dealt you a bad hand. It saddens us to see that some of you live in isolation, others away from their children, some being humiliated because of the language barrier or a belief that you are too weak now.  Most must work long hours just to be able to adjust to this life, whereas back home you were free.

We are your descendants and it is our duty to look after you.  We have realised that, and with your help, together we are going to change things.   Tell us your story and we will shout them to the Nation, lead us down the path you have walked in the dark and we will stand beside you and walk towards a new light.  Let our voices be heard and our strength be felt and let’s make the Governments recognise our worth!

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