Yet again we are saying BON VOYAGE to the 19 travellers going on the Heritage Visit today.  For some of you, it would be the first time after 50 years. For others, it would be a dream come true to at least see your place of birth once before you pass and for the second generation it would be to know where your parents were born.

The Heritage Visit may bring sorrow or beautiful memories but as a Chagossian one must go to the treasured land at least once in their lifetime.

Coming back to your life in exile after a couple of days may feel like mental warfare for some.

Chagos Islanders Movement’s message to the British Government and the USA.

CHAGOSSIANS ARE NO DANGER TO YOU.   CHAGOSSIANS ARE NO THREAT to the defence and security interest as Chagossians have never been to war with any country, we merely fight for justice.

Mrs Insline Mandarin happily wanted to share with the world her experiences in pictures.  Join us on Chagos Islanders Movement facebook page for more pictures.

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